#Sample Season


What is Sample Season at WholesaleGarland.com?

Sample Season is from October - March every year and it gives anyone a chance to see fresh samples from us. It's a great way to see the garlands firsthand and ultimately decide which one to go with for your wedding or event. People LOVE this option every year and we are proud to offer it.

What samples can I choose from?

Get ready for this - ANY! You decide exactly which 3 garland samples you'd like and we make it happen for you!

OK - we're interested... What next?

Send us an email to WholesaleGarland@gmail.com for complete pricing & info. We'll look forward to sending your samples!

Quick Quotes

How do they work?

While you're looking around trying to find the best garland or wreath company to go with, feel free to send us your potential order and receive a Quick Quote from us. This Quick Quote includes all total costs including FedEx S&H.

How long does my quote last?

Your Quick Quote is guaranteed and will be honored in full for up to 12 months after receiving it. Even if our pricing changes at the beginning of a new year, you are still able to lock your order in based on the quote you received from us.

Why do we offer this?

After years of experience in the wedding & event industry, we understand fully the aspect of budgeting, especially for something as special as a wedding. While other costs can fluctuate leading up to the date, we like our pricing to be firm. This allows you to place your order knowing the total cost, and then cross it off your list so you can deal with the rest of your planning. We are pleased to offer this and have continually received kind words of appreciation from the people we've been so lucky to work with.